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Screen Enclosure Protecting a Bright Blue Swimming Pool in Orlando, FL

Pool screen enclosures are usually made of lightweight aluminum material. This is one of the most durable options to protect the swimming pool in homes. There are many benefits and disadvantages of pool screen enclosures that homeowners should consider before embarking on the home improvement project. These usually come down to the homeowners’ needs, preferences, and budget since pool screen enclosures aren’t suitable for all types of pools.

To check whether the pool screen enclosure is a good idea for your home and you, this article analyzes the pros and cons of swimming pool screen enclosures.

Benefits of Pool Screen Enclosures

When most homeowners consider installing a pool screen enclosure, one of the first reasons that come to the mind is to keep the bugs out. This is actually one of the top benefits of the enclosure since it can actually enhance the pool’s quality. Bugs create a lot of debris in the pool, which needs to be constantly cleaned and maintained. It is also a health hazard to have bits of pests floating around in the pool. The pool screen enclosure can help you secure your swimming pool from these pests.

Here are some benefits that you should take into consideration when you are renovating your swimming pool:

  • It offers more shade: The main purpose of the pool screen enclosure is to let in plenty of natural light without letting any direct sun rays into the area. Filtering the light like that is healthier for the skin since direct UV rays can harm the individual. The mixture of chlorine and harsh sunlight can also be really uncomfortable.
  • It increases the safety of children since they are always in view and under a secure enclosure.
  • It decreases the need for constant cleaning by not only keeping out the bugs but also leaves and other debris.
  • It creates a sense of personal space and privacy since the atmosphere is much more secure.
The Disadvantages of Pool Screen Enclosures

Pool screen enclosures aren’t always suitable for the kind of pool you have. It is pretty much dependent on the swimming pool design and shape. They may also require frequent maintenance depending on the type of pool screen enclosure that you have gotten. Here are all the maintenance issues that may come about:

  • Damaged or torn screens will need to be replaced. It can be really hard to repair the panels which are directly above the pool since you can’t exactly place a ladder in the water.
  • They may acquire mildew or mold over time. This will need to be pressure washed so that natural light can still permeate through the enclosure.

It is important to note that despite these disadvantages, pool screen enclosures are generally a good idea. They add to the value of the home, as well as improve the experience of the swimming pool.