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Pool Enclosures by Ed Aluminum Construction

Since 2010, Ed Aluminum Construction has been serving homeowners throughout Central Florida and the surrounding area. A high-quality, American-made pool enclosure provides great visibility while protecting your swimming pool environment. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of construction professionals can assist in nearly any size project. We can customize an enclosure to meet your needs and the dimensions of your pool and patio. Customers choose us because we’re licensed, reliable, and affordable. Schedule your free project consultation today.

What Are Some of the Benefits of a Pool Enclosure?

To many, the benefits of a pool enclosure may not be immediately apparent. However, many of our satisfied customers can confirm that installing a new screen pool enclosure provides homeowners with numerous conveniences. Learn more about the many benefits of installing a new screen pool enclosure:

  • Safety – While an enclosure isn’t a substitute for a pool fence, it undoubtedly adds an extra layer of safety, especially for families with children or pets. A pool enclosure will also ensure that everyone stays within the designated area when using your pool.
  • Maintenance – One of the most significant factors to installing a pool enclosure is the time you’re saving to maintain your pool. The enclosure will prevent insects and plant debris from falling into your pool. You’ll spend a few hours skimming your pool and more time enjoying it!
  • Comfort – Sometimes, you’ll want to enjoy a nice relaxing dip in the pool, but the harsh sun can cause sunburns and make the experience unenjoyable. Depending on the screen weave density, your screen enclosure will provide you with better protection from the sun without obstructing your view.
  • Privacy – Enjoy some time in your pool without the wondering eyes of neighbors and passersby. Your pool enclosure provides you with much-needed privacy in your own backyard.
pool enclosure

Perfect Pool Enclosures

Our screened-in swimming pool enclosures are perfect for viewing the outside, watching the kids play, or just enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. No matter what your pool enclosure needs are, Ed Aluminum Construction has a pool enclosure solution that fits your budget, lifestyle, personal preferences, and aesthetic.

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