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Mega View Pool Enclosure in Orlando, FL

MegaView® screen enclosures provide unobstructed views that are popular enhancements to golf course, lakefront and beachfront homes. The MegaView® screen enclosure design reduces the number of vertical support posts and eliminates the horizontal “chair rail” common in most traditional screen enclosures.

By utilizing industrial aluminum shapes the high-strength screen spans can reach up to 25 feet, often the entire width of the enclosure. The MegaView® screen enclosures are one of the most popular screen enclosure platforms built throughout Central Florida.


MegaView® enclosures are designed to meet and exceed current building codes, use site-specific engineering, that can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs.  The results are an aesthetically pleasing, quality, custom job that customers love and appreciate.   Maximizing the homeowner’s view while maintaining the benefits of having a pool enclosure is why MegaView® enclosures are the new standard in pool enclosure design. Contact us today to get started

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