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Orlando’s Trusted Leader in Pool Enclosure Rescreens

Trust ED Aluminum Construction With Your Next Rescreen Project

Many homeowners in Orlando hope to spend their summer days relaxing in their outdoor pool enclosures. Whether you’re planning to swim laps in the morning, relax with friends, or supervise a kids’ pool party, you deserve a space that is ready to go at all times. However, pool maintenance can turn into a time-consuming chore when you just want to enjoy your time in the sunshine. If you’re ready to ditch the unwanted debris and minimize your time cleaning the pool, it’s time to address that pesky tear in your pool screen. The professionals at ED Aluminum Construction are highly skilled in pool enclosure rescreen services. We’re ready to help you find peace of mind ahead of the summer months. Give us a call today to learn more about our rescreen services.

What Types of Enclosures Do You Rescreen?

We are proud to provide our customers with dedicated care for their outdoor enclosure needs. Though we specialize in pool screen enclosures, our team is highly trained in rescreening a variety of structures. Our highly trained team members are ready to rescreen the following structures:

  • Pool Cages
  • Front Entrances
  • Back Porches
  • Lanais
  • Window Screens
  • Other Enclosed Areas
Enclosures Rescreening Services in Orlando, FL

Do I Need a Screen Repair or Full Rescreen for My Enclosure?

We start every pool rescreen job with a thorough evaluation and a free estimate. We take note of even the most minor evidence of damage – no matter if it was caused by severe weather, pests, or having just a bit too much fun in the sun. If the screen has fully separated from the structure in any area, we recommend a full rescreen. We would be happy to tackle the pool screen project on your to-do list and get your enclosure back to its original state in no time.

Benefits of Rescreening Your Pool Enclosure

You deserve to spend quality time outdoors without the countless stressors taking over at the front of your mind. With our pool enclosure rescreen services, you will enjoy the following benefits in no time:

  • Minimize Maintenance: Dirt and debris in your pool should never be the factor preventing you from spending time outside. With one of our high-quality pool screens, you’ll spend less time skimming the surface and more time swimming.
  • Protect Against UV Rays: Sun safety is crucial when spending long periods of time outside, especially during the summer. Our high-performing pool screens provide an extra layer of protection between you and the sun’s powerful UV rays.
  • Keep Wildlife Out: Insects, rodents, and other pests are the last things you want to spend time on in your serene outdoor pool. We recommend rescreening any torn or damaged screen panels to prevent any critters from causing bites and skin irritation this summer.
  • Protect Pets: Pets are naturally curious about the outside world, but you don’t want your furry friends to escape without supervision. Our high-quality screen materials will prevent your pets from clawing, digging, and biting through your pool screen.
  • Increase Safety: While a secure pool enclosure isn’t a substitute for a pool fence, it undoubtedly adds an extra layer of safety, especially for families with children or pets. Rescreening damaged panels ensures that everyone stays safe within the designated pool area.

We Use the Highest Quality Materials to Rescreen Your Enclosure

When you work with ED Aluminum Construction, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best screen materials and service in the area. We use some of the most popular materials available for our rescreens, including the following:

  • Fiberglass Screens
  • Aluminum Screens
  • Metal Screens

Trust Our Experienced Professionals to Handle Any Rescreen Job

Rescreening a pool enclosure can be a dangerous task without the proper training, equipment, and techniques. We do not recommend that any homeowner attempt to repair or replace their pool enclosure without consulting a professional. Since 2010, we have helped hundreds of homeowners get their pool screens back to excellent condition. Our licensed professionals are equipped with decades of industry experience and are prepared to handle even the most difficult tasks on the job. You can trust us to take care of the ins and outs of the rescreening process, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Let us check this task off your to-do list for you. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the quality or price of our work.

Contact Us Today for a Free Estimate on Rescreen Services

Soon enough, pool maintenance will be a breeze, and you won’t have to worry about pesky wildlife in your outdoor enclosure. If you are interested in rescreening the pool enclosure on your Orlando home, give us a call today. Our friendly team members would be happy to answer your questions or provide you with a free estimate for our work. We can’t wait to give you the perfect outdoor space to enjoy your time in the Florida sunshine.

Call Today for Your Free Estimate