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Custom Fire Pit Installations

After a long day of fishing, relaxing in the sun, swimming, cooking, and entertaining family and friends, the perfect way to cap off the evening is cozying up around a fire pit. Ed Aluminum Construction creates custom fire pits and seating areas to add a special gathering place to your patio. From small fire rings to large benches and stone fireplaces, we have years of experience constructing and installing them for homeowners around Orlando, FL. Our team looks forward to working with you on your new fire pit design. They’re a great feature to add relaxation and enjoyment for parties and cozy mornings with a good book and a cup of coffee. Call us today to chat about your ideas for your new fire pit. We provide free quotes on all our services.

Fire Pit Installation in Orlando, FL

Make the Most of Your Backyard Space

Start creating memories together with your family gathered around your new fire pit. Visit with your friends, tell stories, and enjoy the Florida nights with these cozy installations. Florida’s weather allows you to enjoy your fire pit all year long. When it drops down into the 50s, use your fire pit to keep your patio open and welcoming for all types of activities and gatherings. Fire pits create opportunities for intimate moments you cherish forever. While most of us stay indoors during the cooler months, a warm cup of coffee and a good book curled up next to a relaxing fireplace outdoors can make for the perfect peaceful getaway.

Professional Bench Construction in Orlando, FL

A bench built into your patio provides more than just a place to sit and relax. It invites friends and family to gather together. Create a welcoming environment in your home with a custom-installed sitting bench from Ed Aluminum Construction. Instead of simply placing a few chairs around your property, create an atmosphere with beautiful benches that compliment your design. Our team can work with you to fabricate and install the perfect bench for your patio. There are endless possibilities for color, material, size, shape, style, and more. Shaping your outdoor living space is all about creating an environment that matches your style, whether that be for hosting grandiose parties or intimate evenings cuddled around a fire. Call Ed Aluminum Construction today for a free estimate on your bench installations.

Built-In Seating area in Orlando, FL

Ways to Accentuate Your Patio With Benches

The first part of installing benches is deciding where you want to place them. Ed Aluminum Construction always recommend highlighting specific focal points around your space. If you have a fire pit, built-in seating is fantastic to avoid moving chairs around constantly. Do you have a garden? A well-placed bench by your garden can bring inner piece as you work on your vegetables or smelling your roses. Plan on dining outside? Permanent benches create a comfortable and relaxing way to dine and gather together.

From there, we can focus on materials, size, and style. We’ll take into account your patio and home’s design styles and create a bench that blends in or makes a dramatic statement. A bench doesn’t have to only be a bench, either. You can use them for hosting sculptures and other art pieces or accentuate them with comfortable cushions, an overhead trellis, and more!

Schedule Your Fire Pit Installation Today!

There are all types of styles and sizes of fire pits. At Ed Aluminum Construction, we’ll design and install a fire pit and patio & foundation that matches your home’s motif and design. We’re also happy to install benches and seating areas around your new fire pit to tie it all together. We use high-quality stone and materials to construct these fire pits to guarantee long-lasting, beautiful structures. Contact us today & let’s get started talking about how we can serve you.

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