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Installing a Screen Enclosure Around a Swimming Pool in Orlando, FL

Many people are interested in getting a pool enclosure for their pool and/or porch. However, you should go through the various pros and cons of building such a structure before you make such a huge investment.


The major advantages include the following:

More Shade

Your screen enclosure will be able to filter out the harsh sunlight and convert it into a warm and soft shade. This filtered light can help prevent sunburns.

Increased Child Safety

If you have an unfenced and open backyard, you might consider getting a screen enclosure for security purposes. This way, you will be able to keep an eye out for the young ones and also make sure that they are always within reachable distance.

No Debris Issues

The screen enclosure acts to cover the open space from the sides and the roof so there is no point of ingress for twigs and leaves and other debris.  In fact, it is more like a large room that offers you a clear view all around you.

Increased Privacy

It is a great option for increasing the privacy of your home. If you don’t have a budget for an extra room, you can simply build a private screen enclosure on your premises and extend your living space.

No More Bugs

A well-built screen enclosure will keep away rodents, roaches, and all those pesky flying insects so that you can enjoy your evening without being assaulted by the creepy crawlies.


The screen enclosure does have a few cons as well that include:

Frequent Maintenance

You will need to clean your enclosure every few weeks so that debris does not pile up all around it.

Dealing With Mold and Mildew

Mold, mildew, and other vegetation can become a major problem in a moist environment and can mar the overall look of the enclosure.  


Now that you know the major pros and cons of an outdoor screen enclosure, you can make an informed decision accordingly.