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Screen Enclosure in a Backyard, Showing the Cost-Effective Solutions in Orlando, FL

Screen enclosures add a certain level of aesthetic appeal to your home. It does not matter if you are looking to increase the privacy of your swimming pool or your porch, an outdoor screen enclosure can do the job for you.

Let us take a quick look at some of the more common types of screen enclosures and their total costs so that you will be able to make a well-informed decision:  

Outdoor Screen Enclosure

This type of enclosure is absolutely ideal for your backyard and swimming pool. You will need a screen roof as well, if you don’t want to get sunburnt.  

Here, a full-screen enclosure is the perfect choice since it will enable you to both enjoy the outdoors in privacy and at the same time, protect you from getting burnt. You might need prior permission from your homeowner’s association and take a look at your local laws if you are going to build a really large one.

 If you use high-quality materials and fasteners that will last a long time, your average 800 to 1000 sq. feet full-screen enclosure will cost around $12,000 to $15,000.

Solid Roof Screen Enclosures

This type of enclosure differs from its outdoor counterpart because it has a solid roof on top of the rest of the structure. You can use it to extend or even create a patio space. The most common type of construction material is kick plate and, if properly installed, such a structure will be both waterproof and snow proof. 

You can use fiberglass for the walls of your structure. However, this is a much more expensive undertaking when compared to its simple outdoor screen enclosure counterpart. Even a 250 square feet space can go up till $8,000 or so.


The kind of enclosure you choose will depend on your requirements as well as your budget. Good luck with your screen enclosure project!