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Screen Enclosure Being Installed Over a Swimming Pool in Orlando, FL

Do I really need a pool screen enclosure? Well, if you have a swimming pool then you should definitely consider it. Here is what you need to know for an informed decision.

No Pests

A pool screen enclosure can keep out uninvited (and possibly unwelcome) guest. Creepy crawlies and annoying bugs will finally stop bugging you. If you don’t fancy the idea of swimming around with pests and vermin that could potentially be dangerous, then a pool enclosure is absolutely mandatory.

Did you know that dangerous creatures like alligators have been known to sneak into swimming pools? Think about that the next time you step into an uncovered pool.


Hundreds of tragedies strike each year with small kids drowning in swimming pools. You can easily avert such catastrophes by maintaining a pool screen enclosure.

Longer Pool Life

A pool screen enclosure does what its name says. It screens your swimming pool from the elements to extend the its lifespan and keep your investment safe.

Less Maintenance

The pool screen enclosure will minimize the accumulation of dust. Not only will dust mar your swimming experience, it will also call for laborious cleanups. You will have to slave away at the swimming pool yourself or hire help for which you will have to pay.

Better Health

Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with the pool screen enclosure. You don’t have to feel guilty or worry that you and your loved ones are damaging their skin health through solar UV exposure.

Adds Value to Your Property

A well-built pool screen enclosure imparts a look of completeness to your property. If you sell your home, you can demand a premium with the enclosure as proof of good maintenance and high functionality.

Trouble deciding what kind of pool screen enclosure you need? We would love to assist you.

Contact us today.