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Screen Room Enclosure Being Installed in Orlando, FL

There are many types of screen room enclosures that can be built in the home. Since there is a lot of confusion among homeowners as to what a screen room enclosure really is, it is important to learn more about it before attempting to build it in the home. This will ensure that you end up with a design that you actually love.

There are 3 main types of screen room enclosures that are often built in homes.

Under-Truss Screen Room Enclosures

Under-truss screen room enclosures are also referred to as a screened-in lanai. These enclosures are built into the openings of an existing truss roof. They are built under the main roof of the house and no extra concrete or aluminum structures need to be built. This makes them a more economical option. You can use any types of fiberglass or even polyester for the screen doors, but most builders use No See-um screens for added protection against bugs and mosquitoes.

In most regions, a permit isn’t required since there isn’t really a new structure being built; however, you should confirm this before you start construction work. In terms of cost, they usually cost around $1,000 for small square openings. Most under-truss screen room enclosures stay under $3,000, but they may cost more if you are opting for large ones with complicated designs and features.

Roof Enclosures with Screen

Roof enclosures made from screens have a completed screened roof, much like a pool cage. They have structural aluminum roofs with screen mesh attached on the top. They are usually an extension of the main roof. They let in plenty of natural sunlight, but serve as protection against bugs and mosquitoes.

For such types of screen roof enclosures, you will need a permit whether you are replacing an existing structure or making a new one. Do make sure never to opt for the cheapest option since the cheap fastener screen and the finish doesn’t have long-term integrity. It can lead to a lot of maintenance costs, which is why it is better to avoid low-quality materials. A single 20 x 40 screen roof enclosure made with long-lasting high-quality materials could cost around $12,000, including the permit.  

Screen Roof Enclosures with Solid Roof

Solid roof screen enclosures are usually built in cases where there isn’t enough patio space to accommodate people. A long-lasting structure is usually made from aluminum composite panels.

A 12 x 24 screen roof enclosure is the most common size since it provides enough room for furniture, as well as to move around. It can cost around $10,000 including the engineering and permit.

These 3 are the main types of screen roof enclosures that you can build at home. They all serve different purposes and should be made according to the needs of your home.