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Professional Repairing a Screen Enclosure at ED Aluminum Construction in Orlando, FL

Building screen enclosures is a huge investment, which is why you should take some preventive measures to ensure that your enclosure lasts for a long time. However, sometimes accidents can happen that result in damage to the screen. You will definitely need screen enclosure repairs some time or the other.

The biggest question in such cases is whether to go for the DIY route or call for professional help on the matter. Regardless of what type of screen enclosure you have in your home, there are some things you should consider before conducting screen enclosure repairs.

The Case for DIY

DIY screen enclosure repair is appropriate in some cases, but you should avoid doing repairs yourself as much as possible. Protecting the screen and occasionally cleaning it is recommended so that it can have a longer lifespan. If you notice any rusty fasteners, it is a good idea to change them yourself if you have the right replacements at home.

However, repairing or replacing the screen panels is a complicated task that can only be done by professionals.

The Case for Professional Repair

When in need of screen enclosure repair, hiring a professional can actually be more economical. There is a decent chance that attempting to DIY it may result in more damage to the screen or even to you.

A torn screen may look like a minor issue, but it actually makes the whole screen ineffective. It lets the pests into the enclosure, as well as winds, heat, or harsh sunlight. In such cases, it is better to let the professionals handle the screen enclosure repair.

Do You Need Screen Enclosure Repair or Replacement?

Sometimes, it is more cost-effective to repair your screen instead of having it replaced. There are some types of damages which require repairs, but in other cases, you may have to replace the screen completely.

  • If the screen has a tearing around the aluminum members, it is an indication that the screen is weak. In such cases, the screen will need to be replaced since repairs are only a temporary fix.
  • A small hole can be easily repaired and doesn’t indicate other underlying weakness.
  • Faded colors can look unattractive and means the screen is getting weak. If you want new screen colors, you will have to replace it.
  • Severe algae growth will need a replacement instead of screen enclosure repair. This is because a simple cleaning may not do the trick.
  • If the life expectancy of the screen has been reached, it doesn’t make much sense to repair it.

It is better to leave such complicated work to the professionals so that you don’t end up creating more costs for yourself.