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Sunroom Lanai Porch Installation by ED Aluminum Construction in Orlando, FL

Making the most of the outdoor space is a great idea, especially if you live in a four-season climate. However, pesky insects and pests can often ruin a perfectly good outdoor lounging plan. If you want to use your patio, deck, or porch then you should consider having an enclosure installed.

There are many types of enclosures you can get. Many prefer the sunroom lanai porch, while others go for normal screen rooms. Which one is better for you? Let’s find out.

Difference Between Screened Porch and Sunroom Lanai Porch

The screen porch provides protection from insects but it is exposed to outdoor elements like heat and cold. The sunroom lanai porch provides better protection against the heat and cold, which makes it better for four-season climates. The sunroom also provides good protection from insects. You can also install heating and cooling options in the sunroom lanai porch, unlike a screened porch. However, the latter are more expensive to make than normal screened porches.

Why Do You Need an Enclosure?

Protected outdoor spaces are actually the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. They are extremely popular since they give homeowners the chance to take in the fresh air and bask in the sunlight without worrying about minor inconveniences like harsh sun, cold winds, and pests.

When you are considering building an enclosure for your home, you can go for the simple choice of a screen porch as well. This means that you just take an existing porch structure and add a screen around the perimeter. However, it will only be comfortable if the weather is optimal.

If you really want an advanced outdoor experience without going through all the added inconveniences, a sunroom lanai porch is the best possible answer. You can choose to design as you wish and add as many amenities as possible. You can also go for climate control options to maximize your chances of enjoying the outdoors throughout the year.

Homeowners often employ portable infrared heaters from late fall all the way to early spring when it’s chilly. You can also add a ceiling fan to cool you down during summers. A glass ceiling will turn the sunroom lanai porch into a solarium, which is the ultimate outdoor living space. You will be able to see the blue sky above you in the day and the stars at night— all while you’re protected against the elements around you.

Things to Consider

The best option for your home is dependent on your budget and goals on how you plan to use the space. If you want a simple, affordable option that provides minimal protection against bugs, go for the screened porch. If you want a climate-controlled, long-lasting option, you can go for the sunroom lanai porch, which allows you to enjoy nature all year around.