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Custom Outdoor Kitchen Installation by ED Aluminum Construction in Orlando, FL

Looking for the best outdoor kitchen ideas to add extra features and functionality to your outdoor culinary center? Well, here are some of the smartest outdoor kitchen ideas that will leave everyone impressed.

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A firepit can make your outdoor kitchen feel just like home. The firepit will make your outdoor kitchen look really cozy as daylight fades.

Pizza Oven

It is safe to say that almost everyone loves pizza. A pizza oven can help you to make homemade pizzas so that you can save on eating outside.


If you enjoy finishing your meals with a cocktail, then why not make a bar? You can place the bar at the center so that everyone can enjoy a drink or two at the end of a meal.

Grilling Station

Barbecues are at the heart of American cuisine and no home can be complete without a functional barbecue setup. You can create a dedicated space in your outdoor kitchen to place your barbecue grill and enjoy lots of barbecue parties.

Bar and Grill Combination

If you fancy a drink after barbecue fests, then why not make yourself a grill and bar combo? This will make your barbecue parties even more fun.

Pool House Plus Kitchen Combo

An outdoor kitchen and a pool house complement each other perfectly. It is the perfect idea for eating out and having fun swimming.


Tailgating enthusiasts will love this one. And all sports fans love tailgating. You can call your friends over to a fantastic barbecue party where everyone can enjoy the big game together.

There are plenty of great outdoor kitchen ideas to enhance your open-air cooking area. Some of these can be added to all outdoor kitchens like a pergola which will provide a shade and a structure for lighting and fans.