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Breathtaking Outdoor Kitchen Styles by ED Aluminum Construction in Orlando, FL

Outdoor kitchens are the new hip trend these days and they represent a great way to extend the functionality of your property. Why not put your outdoor space to good use with an awesome outdoor kitchen?

Here are some amazing outdoor kitchen types where you will have endless fun with friends and family.

Full Patio Kitchen With Island

Take advantage of that precious patio space with a patio kitchen complete with an island. This full-fledged kitchen can include a smoker, dishwasher, fridge, sink and grill in one area for a feature-rich outdoor kitchen. The kitchen island will give you all the space you need for your culinary masterpiece.  

Outdoor Bar With Built-in Grill

You can create a rustic looking outdoor grill and bar with the help of stonework. The outdoor bar and grill will provide an open-air environment for fun-filled barbecue parties in your own backyard.

Fire Pit and Grill

This kitchen type is suitable for cold areas where you can warm yourself up next to the fire pit after taking a dip in the pool. You can create the most delicious barbecue meals with the grill right next to it. This idea is just what you need for poolside barbecue parties.

Slate and Stone Outdoor Kitchen

Stonework imparts ruggedness and aesthetic appeal to outdoor kitchens. You can take it a step further with slate for the perfect deluxe exterior. This kitchen will fit in naturally with your well-tended garden.

Patio Living Room and Kitchen

This is an awesome idea for creating a living space and kitchen combined into one highly functional outdoor unit. This configuration is ideal for spending summer nights outdoors and cooking at the same time. You can take turns between lounging and cooking with this fantastic kitchen idea.

Want to know about the most breathtaking outdoor kitchen types? We can suggest one based on your lifestyle and preferences.

Feel free to talk with us today.